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ACP-120 FAQ's

What are the key topics to focus on for a beginner aspiring to become a JIRA Administrator?
Yeah! If you're starting your journey to become a JIRA Administrator, here are the key topics:

Basic JIRA Concepts: Understand what JIRA is and how it's used in project management.

JIRA Dashboard and Navigation: Get familiar with how to move around in JIRA.

Managing Projects in JIRA: Learn how to set up and customize projects.

User Management: Know how to add and manage users.

Workflow Creation and Management: This is all about setting up the steps and processes for tasks in JIRA.

These topics are your foundation, and they'll give you a great start!

Can you explain the role of a JIRA Administrator in simple terms?

Absolutely! A JIRA Administrator is like a wizard who sets up and maintains the JIRA software for their team or company. They make sure JIRA is tailored to how their team works, create projects, manage who can do what in JIRA, and fix any problems that come up. Basically, they keep the JIRA magic running smoothly for everyone else.

What are the basic skills one should have before attempting the ACP-120 exam?

Before you take on the ACP-120 exam, you should be comfy with:

Using JIRA: You should have hands-on experience with JIRA, not just theoretical knowledge.

Understanding JIRA’s Features: Know all the main features and how to use them.

Basic Project Management Principles: Since JIRA is used for managing projects, knowing a bit about project management helps.

Troubleshooting Common Issues: Be able to solve basic problems in JIRA.

These skills will give you a solid base to tackle the exam.
What job opportunities open up after obtaining the ACP-120 certification, and how does it impact salary expectations?

Getting the ACP-120 certification can open some cool doors! It can lead to roles like JIRA Administrator, Project Administrator, or even roles in project management teams where JIRA skills are valued. It shows employers you really know your stuff when it comes to JIRA. As for salary, certifications like this can definitely help boost your earning potential. They show you've got the skills and knowledge that are in demand.

What are the latest trends or updates in JIRA Administration that candidates should be aware of for the ACP-120 exam?

JIRA keeps evolving, so staying up-to-date is key. For the ACP-120 exam, make sure you're aware of any recent changes or updates in JIRA, like new features or changes in how existing features work. Checking out the Atlassian Community forums, the official JIRA update notes, and any recent webinars or tutorials from Atlassian can help you stay in the loop with the latest trends. This way, you won't be caught off guard by any new stuff in the exam.